Countdown to Shutdown

Countdown to Shutdown

Union Busting Won't Fly

Delta Air Lines is holding billions of dollars in funding for crucial FAA projects hostage by insisting that Congress pass new, undemocratic rules for airline workers trying to organize a union. Delta wants union elections to count workers who don't take part as voting "No"--an absurd demand that would undermine the entire system of majority-rule voting.

The rules are under debate now, Delta's powerful allies in Congress are holding up a long-term solution by continueing to insist on the new election rule.

Without a long-term Reauthorization Bill, job-creating airport infrastructure projects and critical security improvements are on hold.  And we run the risk of another FAA sutdown at the end of the year.

Sign the petition below to send Delta a clear message that union-busting won't fly.

We demand that Delta Air Lines stop insisting on including unrelated anti-union provisions in the long-term FAA Reauthorization Bill.

The recent shut down of the FAA cost American taxpayers millions of dollars, left thousands of workers without a paycheck, and delayed crucial airport construction projects. It must never happen again.

We strongly oppose the legislative provisions that would count workers not participating in a union election as "No" votes. This is entirely undemocratic and a major departure from the principles on which our nation was built.

Delta Air Lines should immediately cease its support for this provision, and Congress should pass a clean long-term FAA Reauthorization by the end of the year.
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