Protect your job, say no to murder

Protect your job, say no to murder

Tell Congress: Oppose the Colombia Trade Agreement

Congress is once again preparing to vote on the Colombia free trade agreement.
Colombian union members face daily threats to their lives
Colombia has a record of shame for working people: poor conditions, restricted bargaining rights and a list of thousands of men and women murdered for nothing more than joining a union. 

But despite that, Congress is considering signing a free trade agreement that would ship American jobs to the murder capital of the world for working people.  Our jobs are at risk and union members in Colombia don't want this deal.

Make sure your voice is heard. Use our simple tool to send a letter to your Senators and Representatives urging them to oppose the deal, and we will hand deliver them on October 4.

We have provided a sample letter below, but the most effective messages are written in your own words. Even a single, short paragraph will help show Congress that without fair labor standards, there is no such thing as free trade – only a race to the bottom.

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