Bring call center jobs back home

Bring call center jobs back home

Bring Call Centers HomeTell Congress to support The United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Bill

With American families struggling, it's time for companies to bring good jobs home. Foreign call centers not only ship jobs abroad, but they endanger our confidential personal information because they operate without US data regulation.

You can tell lawmakers to support the US Call Center Bill.  The Bill would build jobs in America by:

Creating a customers' right to know - Ending the secrecy about call center locations, so outsourcers and offshorers can't hide anymore.

Forcing companies that outsource abroad to return federal funding - Because our hard earned tax-dollars shouldn't go to support corporations that ship American jobs to foreign countries.

Giving you the right to be transferred to a US-based operator.

But we need your support. Members of Congress will only sign on if they hear our voices loud and clear. Use our simple tool to send a message to your US Representative.

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