It starts with you

AT&T Mobility workersBecome an AT&T Mobility Recruiter

It is becoming more and more obvious who our best bargaining chips are when it comes to negotiating with AT&T Mobility: Mobility workers. The fastest way to get AT&T to listen is for all Mobility workers to stand together. It’s a numbers game – and it starts with you.

Thousands of AT&T Mobility workers around the country have already joined in the Union's efforts. But there are many more who are not in the loop.

Get involved today by becoming an AT&T Mobility recruiter. Getting started is easy -- simply fill out the form below and we'll send you a personalized link for you to forward to your co-workers. 

We'll even sweeten the deal. Sign up 5 of your co-workers, and we'll give you a $5 Starbucks gift card. Sign up 15 people, and you'll earn $20. And for 25 sign-ups, we'll give you $35.*

*CWA will verify all e-mail addresses that are submitted to ensure each is valid. Only CWA AT&T Mobility members -- not CWA staff or members of other bargaining units -- are eligible to win prizes.