Sign the Petition: No Back Room Trade Deals for the 1%

TPP - Shipping Our Jobs Away

If lobbyists for the 1% get their way, the Trans-Pacific Partnership will allow corporations to accelerate the offshoring of jobs, intensify attacks on our rights at work and inflict even more damage to our environment.

Even though the public has been barred by the U.S. Trade Representative from reviewing proposals for this massive new trade deal, approximately 600 corporate lobbyists have been named "cleared advisors," giving them regular access to the negotiating documents and the negotiators.

Please help put an end to this type of back room deal making by demanding that negotiators drop the secrecy and negotiate a fair deal for working families.


Dear U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman:

Americans deserve the right to know what U.S. trade negotiators are proposing in our name.

The Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement is likely to impact jobs, wages, agriculture, migration, the environment, access to medicine, consumer safety, banking regulations, indigenous rights, Internet freedom, government procurement and more. A pact this far-reaching should be negotiated in the most transparent and participatory manner possible.

Please publicly release all Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement proposals now.

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