Sign the Letter: Bring T-Mobile’s human rights abuses out of the shadows

Sign the Letter: Bring T-Mobile’s human rights abuses out of the shadows

Why is this important?

I just got back from speaking at T-Mobile’s shareholder meeting last Thursday, where I addressed T-Mobile’s Board of Directors and also the CEO of T-Mobile’s parent company, Timotheus Höttges from Deutsche Telekom.

I told them how I was terminated after eight years of working for T-Mobile - just because I supported the union. I asked them if they would commit to ending these kinds of human rights violations. Legere’s answer was basically NO. He said: “We respect the rights of our employees.”

But we know that’s not true.

We know that T-Mobile has violated the law so often that the National Labor Relations Board has consolidated the complaints against the company and is requiring it to defend its illegal actions nationally. We know that T-Mobile employees, T-Mobile customers, and T-Mobile shareholders have urged Deutsche Telekom over and over to provide a comprehensive report on its labor practices.

And still, the company decided to vote against a proposal that would have brought T-Mobile’s intimidation of workers out of the shadows and provided a comprehensive report about labor right violations to investors and consumers.

That is unacceptable!

When we keep up the pressure and continue to fight, we can make change at T-Mobile. I will not give up the fight - and I hope you will fight with me.

Thank you,
Amber Diaz
Fired T-Mobile worker
Albuquerque, New Mexico