New Mexico’s Public Health on the Brink

We, the undersigned, Employees of the State of New Mexico, Union Members, and Citizens present this petition to Governor Martinez and her administration. The Martinez Administration continually pursues policies and condones behavior that undermines the mission of New Mexico State Government. Furthermore, these actions are resulting in threats to the Public Health, unsafe and hostile work environments, with dangerously low levels of employee morale among dedicated Public Employees.

Whereas New Mexico State Government maintains high vacancy rates resulting in compromised public services and potentially dangerous work environment; and

Whereas the New Mexico State Government has witnessed departure of high level management personnel due to frustration with department priorities, ineffectual leadership, and policy resulting in a vacuum in top leadership and accountability; and

Whereas New Mexico State Government has changed scheduling policy several times in recent months resulting in inconsistent workplace expectations, needless disruption of employees' lives, and dangerously plummeting morale; and

Whereas New Mexico State Government is operating under a mandate to cut costs severely resulting in a diminished capacity to react to actual State-wide and facility health emergencies in an effective or safe manner;

Therefore, so be it resolved that we, the undersigned, do hereby sign our support for the adoption of immediate policy changes that:

Aggressively recruit and fill vital front line positions in State Government.
Replace current Department of Health Cabinet Secretary Torres.
Re-examine and approve when reasonable on a case-by-case basis requests for flexible and alternative work schedules to accommodate professional and personal employee needs.
Review hiring practices to ensure candidates are qualified and that experienced employees are given opportunity to advance.
Demand management honor the current spirit and letter of the contract while in negotiation with the Union.

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This petition has a goal of 500 signatures

72 total signers.

     Public Employee Unions have always done our best to negotiate and work in harmony with whatever administration comes to power, regardless if their title bears an “R” or a “D” behind it. We’ve done so because the mission to protect and provide services to New Mexico Citizens is not a partisan issue.

      Today, however, we find our jobs and the services we provide for the State on the brink. Governor Martinez’s administration has worked overtime finding grey areas within the contract to exploit, where we have little legal recourse to protect rights and healthy work environments. New Mexico State Lawyers are saying they have never seen an administration that loves to litigate more that Governor Martinez. Your Union invests in these fights, protecting our rights and due process, often ending in the New Mexico Supreme Court.

      What is the motivating factor that inspires Governor Martinez to run government with such high vacancy rates, unqualified leadership, and a culture of fear and intimidation? Quite simply, it appears the Governor wishes to be seen as someone who can run Government at a profit (like a business), serve larger corporate industrial interest with weakened regulation, and champion political agendas aimed at minimizing input from the working peoples’ voice.

      This is the far right wing agenda to crush Unions and the power we represent for working people. Unions and allied progressive groups balance the conversation in our country and our state. In absence of our collective voices, America’s Capitalist system drifts into brutal territory.

      CWA Members are fighting in New Mexico for the rights of all working people. Working families of CWA must not sit on the sidelines while corporations attack us, our rights as workers, and our way of life. We are building a stronger political organization at CWA so that we can better take on companies like Verizon (a company that takes billions in tax breaks from the American people, makes huge profits, and now wants to take more from their workers), or an Administration who treats Public Employees and Services as an obstacle and enemy.

In Unity,

Membership of CWA 7076