Respect the First Amendment

We’ve now faced a spate of journalist arrests as governments have moved to close down “Occupy” camps. Now, more than ever, we need to understand the “Occupy movement.” Journalists who are incarcerated can’t get their stories out.

Most notably, New York City prevented journalists from doing their work. With overly harsh tactics, Mayor Michael Bloomberg played a strong hand in forcing protestors out of Zuccotti Park.

As citizens we need to know the true story of “Occupy,” and we need to know how law enforcement handles the protestors. The First Amendment allows peaceful protests, and the ability to report on them – especially when that peace is shattered for whatever reason. Blocking journalists from reporting suggests there is something to hide.

Please take a minute to tell Mayor Bloomberg to act responsibly. Tell him that the First Amendment matters. Tell him he is sending the wrong message to America when he arrests journalists trying to document the actions of their government and the protestors.

The Newspaper Guild-CWA is helping journalists covering "Occupy" with a Facebook page called "Occupied Journalists" where stories can be shared, and help can be sought.

Let journalists work and keep America strong. Sign the petition to Mayor Bloomberg telling him that this is America, where the First Amendment still matters.

Dear Mr. Bloomberg – we’re demanding that you respect the First Amendment rights of protestors and journalists. The harsh actions of your law enforcement, against working journalists during the takedown of Zuccotti Park, is particularly telling. They acted as if they were out to stop the story from being told. We expect our politicians to protect the First Amendment, not to trample on it. Please stop this type of behavior so that we can all get the full story and understand the issues America is facing – from all points of view, not just those in power like yourself.

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